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I am not sure that I have the right words to describe how I've been feeling after a week of isolation with my family. This post will not be a fancy post with inspiration filled with pretty pictures- just words. This is my truth right now and I hope it resonates with your truth too. A week ago, my biggest concern was logistics. How was I going to occupy a

As you know, around here we love whimsy and color!  And that is for sure true when you’re talking about something as fun as celebrating a new mama to be!  While it’s easy to go on Pink/Blue overload-- I am LOVING the gender neutral trend. But neutral doesn’t have to mean “neutral.”  Over the next 3 weeks, I am going to feature a roundup of my favorite ideas for 3 gender

As an artist, I love to look ahead at the design trends we might see in 2020. 2020 is looking to be a year of bold, ambitious choices when it comes to Interior design. Here are my 7 favorites! Sustainable Design/Biophilia What it is: This design trend is a reflection of the realities our society is facing today as we battle climate change and rapid consumerism.  Biophilic designs incorporate human design with

Hi I’m Char!  A Freelance Illustrator from Atlanta, Georgia who is on a mission to make the world happy one art print at a time!  Have a project? Want to chat about life, momming and coffee?  Let’s get social!
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