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2020 Design Trends // What's in and what's out for interior design in 2020 // Click to read more!

As an artist, I love to look ahead at the design trends we might see in 2020. 2020 is looking to be a year of bold, ambitious choices when it comes to Interior design. Here are my 7 favorites!

Sustainable Design/Biophilia

What it is: This design trend is a reflection of the realities our society is facing today as we battle climate change and rapid consumerism.  Biophilic designs incorporate human design with sustainable materials, a focus on natural wood, recycled textiles, undyed yarns and warm, earthy materials.  

Why I love it: This return to nature brings in soft, rich texture and warm earthy elements to create a safe haven in your home. 

Biophilia designed bedroom with live plants and natural wood
Anthropologie- Natural Wood Bed
Rattan, Wicker baskets perfect for Sustainable interior decor
Pottery Barn Kids- Rattan Baskets
Natural Fiber rug- example of sustainable interior decor
Lulu and Georgia- Natural Fiber Rug


What it is: Art Deco with a new twist. Think of it as a revitalized and modernized Art Deco aesthetic, with a focus on geometric shapes and luxe materials like velvet, but in more modern color palettes

Why I love it: Neo-deco combines bold, rich textures and patterns that I love with a more modern and minimal approach than the original art-deco style.  It says cool and timeless at the same time!

Neo-deco wallpaper from Rebel Walls
Rebel Walls- Neo-deco Wallpaper
Neo-deco vanity in millennial pink
Neo-deco vanity and mirror
neo-deco decorative mirrors
The Citizenry- Neo-deco mirror set

Grand Millennial Style

What it is: Traditional lines and Neutrals mixed up in a modern luxe way.  Think modern art with clean lined furniture, but furniture that you want to sit in.

Why I love it: Grand Millennial styles are harkening back to traditional lines, but mixing it with Scandinavian cool. 

Grand millennial kitchen design with traditional lines and luxurious fabric
Grand Millennial Kitchen Design
Grand Millennial nursery design
Instagram @mychildhoodcolonial
Neo-mint sofa styled in Grand Millennial living space
Neo Mint 2020 Color of the year with Grand Millennial Design

Bold Monochrome

What it is: Vibrant, rich tone-on-tone room designs. 

Why I love it: Talk about bold- this trend lets you explore color in your home.  While monochrome used to be for neutrals, this trend holds nothing back but still provides a very cohesive room. 

Green monochromatic bedroom design
Green Monochromatic Bedroom
Navy Blue Monochromatic Kitchen Design
Navy Blue Monochromatic Kitchen
Kelly green monochromatic kitchen design
Green Monochromatic Kitchen

Old and New

What it is: A curated collection of new design trends with old antiques, either passed down by family or hand picked to fit the aesthetic of the room.

Why I love it: More proof that the home is truly a sanctuary and form of personal expression.  This trend lets you curate your home, displaying things you love that are both old and new. It allows for rooms to be truly personalized and feel like the reflect the soul of the home owner.

Old and New in a Sitting Room
Old and New in a Sitting Room


What it is: A combination of Japanese Wabi-Sabi design and Scandinavian design.  Both aesthetics have clean lines with a minimal and harmonious look

Why I love it: This is minimalism at its finest.  The combination brings a more natural element to traditional Scandi decor, but keeps the clean minimal look that I adore. 

Japandi Style Living Room with clean minimal lines
Japandi Style Living Room
Japanese Influence in Lighting, with clean + minimal lines
Japanese Influence in Lighting

Multi-use Spaces

What it is: As homes downsize and people move from one life-stage to another, there is an expansion of using rooms for more than one purpose.  That master bedroom closet makes for a great temporary nursery. And the extra nook in a living room is now a perfect home office. Furniture makers are creating multi-functional products to be used throughout the home

Why I love it: As a new mom, I had to give up my home office to have a guest bedroom/playroom in our 3 bedroom home.  So, the multi-purpose room is near and dear to my heart. I also love that people are staying in their homes and apartments longer and making them work for the stage of life they are in.

Bloom Mini Crib- Nursery in a Closet- an example of multi-purpose living space
Bloom Mini Crib- Nursery in a Closet
Living Room / Home Office Combo- an example of multi-purpose living space
Living Room / Home Office Combo

What are your favorite 2020 design trends? I cannot wait to see how these trends play out in real homes in the months to come!


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